Frequently Asked Questions

Electric World invites you to register for an opportunity to present your product, in-person or virtually, to the buyers for our new Electric World brand. This presentation will last up to 30 minutes including a 10 minute Q&A. The Electric World brand will incorporate a host of alternative, eco-friendly products that will aid in sustaining a healthier outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. This Product Expo represents a first for our four brands and a terrific opportunity to showcase your new products! Don’t miss this chance!

Choose between the in-person presentation in Salt Lake City or a virtual (Zoom) presentation option during the registration process.

No, however, for in-person presentations, travel expenses and sleeping rooms are your responsibility.

Panel of 2-3 Buyers for Electric World potential products

You can have your additional team members attend the in-person/virtual event.

Presentation Time Period will be strictly followed

In-person presentation:

  • Expect to be there for about 2 hours
  • Registration is 30 minutes before your scheduled presentation time
  • 15 minutes - Setup (A table will be provided to display your products for in person attendees).
  • 20 minutes - Presentation
  • 10 minutes - Questions and Answers
  • 15 minutes - Break Down

Virtual (Zoom) presentation:

  • 20 minute presentation with 10 minute Q&A
  • You will be contacted to set up a specific date and time

Items to bring/send (in-person and virtual):

  • 5 copies of any handouts (include one copy with email if choosing virtual)
  • 2 samples for submission. You will be instructed where to send your samples and the requested by date. The samples will be left with Electric World. If item is very large or expensive, 1 sample is acceptable. Or, you may make other arrangements with a Buyer if you do not wish to leave a sample. Samples left with Electric World will not be returned, if samples are not available, printed images will be accepted.
  • All samples sent are your responsibility / You are responsible to track your own package(s) and verify delivery.
  • GS Media & Events will not be responsible for any shipping charges, damages or loss to any packages or boxes.
  • Pallets please call us at 800-848-6247 for instructions and cost.

Suggested types of images:

  1. in retail packaging,
  2. out of retail packaging, and
  3. life-style: product in use displaying how Electric World clients will enjoy using the product. A video on a tablet or personal computer supplied by vendor may also be used.

  • Define how your product(s) attributes aligns with lower carbon emissions and outdoor, recreational lifestyle. What are those focal points?
  • Full understanding of the product and market potential demand
  • Be prepared with:
    • Case pack
    • Cost/unit
    • MOQ
    • MSRP
    • List of major retailers carrying the item(s) and at what price
    • Features/benefits of product
    • Availability of product
    • In stock?
    • If not, when?

No AV equipment will be provided. If you want to show a video, the buyer panel will be 2-3 people, so video on a laptop or tablet will work fine.

Yes, Wi-Fi is available. If you need a hard line connection please inquire.

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