The Product Expo Guarantees a 30 Minute One-On-One Meeting with our Buyers! This Product Expo is brand new for our 3 Brands and is a great opportunity to show your new products! Don’t miss your chance!


Is There a Registration Fee for the Product Expo?

  • No. However, travel expenses and sleeping rooms are your responsibility.


What is the Presentation Format?

  • 15 minutes - Setup (A table will be provided to display your products.)

  • 20 minutes - Presentation

  • 10 minutes - Questions and Answers

  • 15 minutes - Break Down

  • Presentation Time Period will be strictly followed

  • Panel of 2-3 Buyers, other Camping World, Overton's and Gander Outdoors Team Members may also attend.

  • Items to Bring:

    • 5 copies of any handouts

    • 2 samples for submission. The samples will be left with Camping World, Overton's and Gander Outdoors if the item is selected for further review. If item is very large or expensive, 1 sample is acceptable. Or, you may make other arrangements with Buyer if you do not wish to leave a sample. Samples left with Camping World, Overton's, and Gander Outdoors will not be returned.

    • If samples are not available, printed images will be accepted.

      • Suggested types of images:

        • in retail packaging,

        • out of retail packaging, and

        • life-style: product in use displaying how Camping World, Overton's and Gander Outdoors Customers will enjoy using the product.

    • video on a tablet or personal computer supplied by vendor may also be used

How Should I Prepare for My Presentation?

  • Discover Camping World, Overton's and Gander Outdoors: Visit a Camping World and Gander Outdoors retail location, and also  visit Camping World, Overton's and Gander Outdoors websites to learn more.

  • Focal Points for the presentation

    • Full understanding of the product and market potential demand

    • Be prepared with:

      • Case pack

      • Cost/unit

      • MOQ

      • MSRP

      • List of major retailers carrying the item(s) and at what price

    • Features/Benefits of Product

    • Availability of Product

    • In stock?

      • If not, when?

    • How this product would enhance the Camping, RV Lifestyle, Boating and the Outdoors Lifestyle for Camping World, Overton's and Gander Outdoors Customers.


What Audio Visual Equipment will be Available?

  • No AV equipment will be provided. If you want to show a video, The Buyer Panel will be 2-3 people, so video on a laptop or tablet will work fine. However, if you would like to rent something for your presentation, please contact Anthony Pucci at the Minneapolis Convention Center directly at 612-335-6339. You are responsible for arrangement and payment of Audio Visual equipment.


Will WiFi be Available?

  • Standard WiFi is $19.99 per day service in which presenters may connect to and purchase on their own on-site via their device. If you need a hard line connection please inquire.​

How Many Buyers will be at My Presentation?

  • 2-3 Buyers. There may be other Camping World, Overton's and Gander Outdoors employees in attendance.

Is There an Extended Agenda Beyond the Presentation?

  • Below is an outline of your time at the expo.  Expect to be there 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Beyond that, there is no extended agenda. You are welcome to stop by the registration table before your registration time to see where you will be and get answers to questions you have.

  • Registration is 30 minutes before your scheduled presentation time.

  • Setup is 15 minutes before your scheduled presentation time.

  • Presentation is 30 minutes in length.

  • Pack-up is 15 minutes.


Can I Send My Samples to GS Media & Events Prior to My Arrival?

  • Yes. All samples sent early are your responsibility.

  • You are responsible to track your own package(s) and verify delivery.

Please call 800-848-6247 for shipping instructions.

Shipping and Receiving: Packages must be received no later than February 4th, 2020.


There will be handling charges as follows paid by vendor:

Boxes up to 36” x 24” x 24” $10 per box

Larger boxes/display cases $10 per box

Pallets please call us at 800-848-6247 for instructions and cost.


GS Media & Events will not be responsible for any shipping charges, damages or loss to any packages or boxes. 

If you need to drop off your materials/samples before you go park your car, enter the dock area at the back of the Convention Center on 15th Street. Get a parking pass from the security guard shack so you can drive in and drop off your materials. You will need to bring your own portable dolly or cart if needed. If you would like to rent a cart and a union worker to move your materials, come into the expo hall and go to the Brede service desk area.